Erica French, Executive Director,  BA Education

Erica French is a graduate of Michigan State University where she obtained a degree in Education. She is currently working on a masters in Community Psychology at the University of Miami.   After a year of teaching, she decided to join the United States Peace Corps.  A fellow Peace Corps volunteer inspired Ms. French to move to Miami after her service in Niger. Together they expanded and invigorated Educate Tomorrow, a non-profit that provides support and mentoring for youth aging out of the foster care system.  
She developed Educate Tomorrow’s holistic approach to mentoring foster youth over the six years in which she worked for the organization.   Partnering with Entertainment Benefits Group, Ms. French helped develop a mentoring program for their employees to give back to the community.   
Ms. French currently serves as the Director for the New Directions’ non-profit, The International Society for Autism, and works with clients to obtain volunteer and employment opportunities. In her free time, Ms. French enjoys making and performing music. She dreams that one day, all of the world’s children will be saved and she will be free to pursue her love for music professionally.


Jackie Sutton-DeBord
Research & Development

jackie sutton Jacqulynn Sutton-DeBord is a native to South Florida. Jacqulynn attended Florida Atlantic University; where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Studies, Film and Video, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  Jacqulynn’s future plans include earning a Master’s degree in the field of Psychology. Jacqulynn’s organization and creativity is a key role in ISA’s ongoing research and development.



Jill Abbey


Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Jill migrated to Florida shortly after graduating from Ursuline Academy. She attended the liberal arts college of Eckerd in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she graduated with honors.  There she earned her BA in Human Development with an emphasis in Creative Expression and spent much of her time studying the stages of life and the inner-workings of non-profit organizations. While in St. Pete, Jill worked with the Parks and Recreation Sunshine Senior Center as the intern and personal assistant to the Head Supervisor and Head Administrative Assistant of the center.

In college Jill also minored in Italian and, throughout her studies, has traveled to Europe extensively to pursue her interests in travel, translation, and culture studies. She has obtained her Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification from the University of Miami as well. With this certification Jill plans on continuing her volunteer work as English tutor to children and adults alike. Her love of community and service was harbored by her eleven-year dedication to the Girl Scouts, an organization she still supports today.

Jill’s personal interests include traveling, writing, camping, biking, swimming, kayaking, and of course her dog Jasper.



Gemma Coope


Born in Fort-Worth, TX, Gemma was raised in the countryside of England. She attended Farlington School and graduated with high passing grades. After spending some time hiking on the mountains of Colorado, she is now residing in Deerfield Beach, Florida and devoting her time to many forms of volunteering. Gemma’s passions include teaching and helping others, pursuing her singing career and working and meeting new people in all aspects of our society.




Benita Forman


Benita Forman graduated with her Masters degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. She received her clinical training in a multidisciplinary setting, working with adolescents and young adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

As research assistant to Nathan Azrin, Ph.D, a pioneer of Behavior Therapy, Benita focused on addressing treatment techniques for eating disorders that were primarily behaviorally based. Her research findings have been co-presented with Nathan Azrin at the Florida Association for Behavioral Analysis.



Steve Bozak


Stephen Bozak is from Clifton Park New York. He has worked as a certified educational planner and educational consultant since 1994. He is currently a member of the Independent  Educational Consultant Association, and has been a member of NATSAP. Steve received his BA from Indiana Wesleyan University and MA from Ball State University majoring in testing and measuring (Psychology).   Steve’s major work has been evaluating and then placement of youth into suitable schools and programs nationally addressing special needs.  Steve has also studied in Korea and Israel, and now finds being bilingual an advantage in many cases.