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Erica French

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Erica French


About me

Erica French is a graduate of Michigan State University where she obtained a degree in Education. She is currently working on a masters in Community Psychology at the University of Miami. After a year of teaching, she decided to join the United States Peace Corps. A fellow Peace Corps volunteer inspired Ms. French to move to Miami after her service in Niger. Together they expanded and invigorated Educate Tomorrow, a non-profit that provides support and mentoring for youth aging out of the foster care system.

She developed Educate Tomorrow’s holistic approach to mentoring foster youth over the six years in which she worked for the organization. Partnering with Entertainment Benefits Group, Ms. French helped develop a mentoring program for their employees to give back to the community.

Ms. French currently serves as the Director for the New Directions’ non-profit, The International Society for Autism, and works with clients to obtain volunteer and employment opportunities. In her free time, Ms. French enjoys making and performing music. She dreams that one day, all of the world’s children will be saved and she will be free to pursue her love for music professionally.